What services does the practice offer?

Clinical Pharmacists

As part of the North Bournemouth Primary Care Network, we have access to Clinical Pharmacists. This team are based at one of the Surgery's and could contact you with regards to the following:

> Medication reviews - SMRs

> Offer support and advice regarding general medication query (i.e. side effects)

> Medicine reconciliation following hospital discharge ( high risk patients only) and can offer advice when you may be confused following hospital discharge when many changes to medication have been made.


home_visitA “carer” is someone who looks after or provides regular unpaid help to family members, neighbours or friends who are sick or disabled. If you are a carer please let our receptionist know. Our Practice has a service to support you please ask at reception for details.

Vulnerable Patients

We are concerned about any of our patients who might be vulnerable or at risk, and are in the process of compiling a register of such patients.

Contraception/Family Planning

We respect confidentiality and tailor the method to meet your individual needs.

Most routine contraceptive care can be provided for in the nurses’ or the doctors’ appointment system. The guide below will help you choose the suitable professional, and the appropriate appointment:

The Doctor (routine appointment)

  1. A definite desire to use a hormonal contraceptive for the first time.
  2. Minor problems with a prescribed pill; query a pill change needed.
  3. A consultation to decide on change of method i.e. an injection, a progesterone pill, Coil (IUCD) etc.
  4. Emergency contraception

The Nurse

  1. A general chat about contraception for background information.
  2. A routine pill check and prescription i.e. no problems – nurse for 10 minutes
  3. Emergency Contraception (the morning after pill).
  4. Advice re barrier methods – caps/condoms.

The Family Planning Clinic

Where the doctor and nurse work together for:

Coil fitting

Young Adults/Teenagers

We appreciate you special needs at this challenging time of life. Conversations and decisions ARE CONFIDENTIAL. Please discuss your needs with the doctor or nurse as you feel able. Remember we have a female doctor available.

Emergency Contraception

Sometimes couples risk pregnancy without adequate precautions. Remember that we can offer you emergency contraception after exposure for up to 72 hours after the event, and sometimes even longer if using the Coil (IUCD). Please seek advice from the doctor or nurse as soon as possible.

Pregnancy and Maternity Care

pregnant51Our Practice has a long history of providing first class maternity care. We can offer a full range of service to meet your requirements; the doctor and midwife usually share your care. Please make a 10 minute appointment with the doctor, either when pregnant or in advance, to discuss your care.

Remember that the Department of Health recommends that you supplement your diet with folic acid tables please seek the Chemist’s advice – PRIOR TO CONCEPTION AND “WHILST TRYING”. We also have a preconception protocol.

HRT Clinic

Once established on Hormone Replacement Therapy you will be asked to make your next routine appointment with the nurse. She will ensure that you are kept up to date with cervical smears and breast examinations/mammography. You will see the nurse every year after the first six months and the doctor every two years. Please seek earlier attendance if you have any concerns. After 5 years of use discuss with the doctor.

Cervical Smear

Our nurses do most of the routine smears for routine follow up. We co-operate with the Dorset Screening Service, and offer 3-yearly appointments. We recommend cervical smears for all women from the age of 25 years.

Blood Pressure Clinic

blood_pressure6The doctors have set up a blood pressure clinic in conjunction with the nursing team. At these clinics you will have all the tests performed for which you would normally have to make separate appointments, and these clinics ensure that everyone on blood pressure treatment will have an annual blood test, which is important.

Diabetic Clinic

We offer high quality diabetic care for all our patients. Regular follow-up is important; we recommend at least twice per year for a medical check-up in our special Diabetic Clinic. This check-up will include an examination of your feet to assess your circulation and nerve response. Remember an annual eye check with an optician and an annual check up with a chiropodist is also essential.

Please make an appointment for the Diabetic Clinic in reception. We usually suggest a blood test a week before attendance and an appointment with the nurse followed by the doctor on the specified day. Please remember to bring a urine specimen with you when you attend.


shutterstock_44921806We offer high quality asthma care for all our patients. This is a common condition of variable severity affecting nearly 900 of our patients. We recommend that your condition is reviewed annually by the nurse to discuss progress and treatment. More severely affected patients will require intensive follow-up; please discuss with the doctor/nurse.

Child Immunisations

Child Health Checks

The doctor will examine your baby at the 8 week check. The Health Visitor or Community Nursery Nurse will monitor your child’s progress at 4 months, 8 months and 3.5 years of age. This is an opportunity to discuss your child’s development and progress with a professional, and to consider any worries you may have regarding your child’s development and/or examination.

You will be contacted at the appropriate time to arrange a suitable appointment.

Travel Advice/Adult Immunisations

Our nurses are up to date and well informed on this subject. Please make an appointment 3-4 months prior to travel where possible

Yellow Fever Vaccinations

Village Surgery is an authorised Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Minor Surgery

We have excellent facilities for the provision of minor surgery within the Practice. This service covers the removal of minor skin blemishes, lumps/bumps, papillomas, tags etc. We also remove in-growing toenails. Please see your doctor.

Joint Injections

Joint injection can be performed in the surgery please discuss with your doctor.

Patients Aged 75+

Patients over 75 can ask for an annual check-up. These may not be needed, particularly if they are being seen routinely by their GP. However, if they require a health check please make an appointment with the nurse at the reception desk.

Women: 25 – 65

All women are recommended strongly to have a cervical smear test 3-yearly. This may be carried out by the doctor or the Practice Nurse.


All women between 50 – 65 years, and where appropriate, will be offered routine screening every 3 years as part of the National Breast Screening Programme.

All Adults

Research has demonstrated that “routine general health screening” is of very limited value so we do not recall patients for (or offer) routine checks. We will however make opportunistic checks of your blood pressure, etc as part of your normal health examinations. Well Person Screening/Checks are carried out by the Practice Nurse. In addition we offer the following health tips (with proviso that you should not make life miserable through trying to be healthy!).

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